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Words of Gratitude – from Kids of Courage

Words cannot express our debt of gratitude to drivers Brian Kosmolsick and Ransford Lobban. I am sure when the drivers signed up for this assignment, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Our trip involved moving around 150 special needs and critically ill children and young adults. Each one with delicate medical equipment and walking assistance devices. These guys were rock stars!!! Whenever the opportunity arose, they jumped to pitch in and help. They assisted these campers with a huge smile. They got to know some of them and their stories over the week.

It’s very hard to find nice, kind, and compassionate drivers. People who care and want to help. Those that want to make the world a better place by being kind enough to take the extra minute to assure the 16-year old cancer patient going up in the wheelchair lift that he will be right on the other side to take her off. Or the driver that stayed on his bus with the AC on when everyone else went inside the venue so she could be treated with IV fluids after she dehydrated. These are two of the many stories we encountered over our week’s stay. We won’t mention how hard they worked to travel in a caravan so our medical team would not be too far away. That paid off when a kid started to have a seizure on one trip.

We can’t thank them enough!!

Thank You again and please keep in touch.

Aharon Guttman, Kids of Courage

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