Safety Information

The DATTCO Motorcoach Safety Department is overseen by a Senior Safety Director and staffed by a full-time Motorcoach Safety Director, Training and Compliance Supervisor, Driver Trainer and Assistants. Drivers undergo a rigorous 40 hour classroom session, evaluation and extensive road training prior to being placed in service.

All drivers receive instruction in such topics as state and federal regulations, ADA compliance, safe driving practices, mechanical components, hours of service monitoring and driving maneuvers as well as customer service and Homeland Security protocols.

In-service training and safety bulletins are an integral part of the safety program and keep our drivers up to date on regulations and pertinent issues.

DATTCO is one of the few companies that maintains and uses a driving simulator as part of all new driver and refresher training. The simulator is housed in a full-size motorcoach within a mobile classroom which is available for on-site training to other transportation companies as well.

Each driver receives a comprehensive employee handbook which provides a framework for job performance and standards of conduct that are necessary for continued employment.

Our entire fleet of vehicles is equipped with an accident event recorder surveillance system to monitor driver behavior, operation and response to changing road and traffic conditions. Comprehensive accident tracking and progressive disciplinary systems provide the necessary oversight to respond appropriately to any accident or incident that may occur. DATTCO safety personnel monitor on-road inspections of our drivers and vehicles and continuously track scores assessed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration which grade our safety performance.

The Motorcoach Safety Division is proud to have assisted DATTCO in earning the status of being a sanctioned carrier for the Department of Defense, approved carrier recognized by the Transportation Safety Exchange, TRAX Insurance Risk Control Award of Excellence, and Bronze Sponsor of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

For more information regarding our driving simulator call the Motorcoach Safety office at 860 229-4878 ext. 4753

[Seating aboard vehicles operated in interstate or foreign commerce is without regard to race, color, creed, or national origin. CFR 49 Part 374.103]