DATTCO Clean Care Certified ✓

Our clean care process is our commitment to healthy and safe travel!

We want to let passengers and employees know the steps we have taken with DATTCO’s Clean Care to ensure that your health and safety remain our top priority.

Our Commitment to Cleaning

Our charter vehicles and those providing commuter, transit, scheduled casino, and contract shuttle services will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using EPA-registered cleaning products, following CDC guidelines before each departure and throughout the trip.

  • Special attention will be given to high-touch areas such as handrails, parcel rack door handles, armrests and seatbelt buckles
  • We are introducing electrostatic spray technology to ensure cleaning products are applied effectively
  • Drivers have been trained and supplied with the necessary items to clean high-touch areas, driver’s compartment and vehicle’s restroom as needed throughout the trip

Using Our Technology to Keep You Safe

Our vehicles have always featured state-of-the-art technology to keep clean air flowing into the vehicle and remove potentially harmful particles.

  • Heating and air conditioning systems recirculate air to remove respiratory droplets, which may contain bacteria or viruses
  • Systems completely exchange cabin air with fresh air every 10 minutes
  • Seating arrangements feature high back seats that limit face-to-face interaction

Protecting Our Employees and You

We have put in place a series of new driver procedures for their protection and yours while remaining committed to the highest levels of customer service possible.

  • We will work with group leaders to design an onboard experience appropriate for groups while maintaining a safe environment
  • Drivers are required to wear masks
  • We recommend that all passengers wear a face covering while boarding, traveling, and disembarking our vehicles
  • Drivers will maintain 6 feet of distance from the entry door while passengers are entering and exiting, only assisting passengers when required

Riding With Confidence

We continue to follow the guidance provided by industry experts as well as the CDC and local governments as it develops.

  • Our drivers, technicians, cleaners, and staff have been trained in industry- leading best practices to keep passengers safe, including new procedures for handling baggage, changes to boarding processes, and procedures for maintaining vehicle cleanliness throughout the trip
  • DATTCO has made and will continue to make significant investments in cleaning equipment and other protections to safeguard our valued passengers and employees

Clean Air Filtration System on All Vehicles

As we look ahead to traveling again, motorcoaches provide many features for added confidence. Beyond space, motorcoaches have enhanced airflow and filtration systems that can reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Fresh air is circulated regularly throughout the vehicle and with the adoption of other measures recommended by the CDC, such as enhanced cleaning and sanitization, you can be confident choosing DATTCO for your future transportation.